Will Santa think it’s funny?


My four-year old lit up with an idea the other day, while throwing underwear at his older brother.  They like to play ‘underwar’ occasionally, while they’re getting ready for bed.

His mischievous smile, the sparkle in his eye, and his passionate energy kept me intrigued.

He could barely contain his excitement, and blurted out, “I’m going to put this underwear into my stocking, then Santa is going to reach in and get a surprise!  He’s going to think it’s so funny!!…”  He giggled with excitement and ran to the fireplace to get his stocking down from the hook.  It was pure innocence.

I instantly had this beautiful image of Santa (now with a Russian accent after seeing “The Rise of the Guardians”) reaching into Ethan’s stocking and chuckling deeply, from his belly.

My older son, who just turned nine, over heard the whole thing.  “But what if Santa doesn’t think it’s funny, Ethan?”  The contemplation began… will Santa think it’s funny?

There was dialogue between them —  a nine-year and a four-year old discussing whether, or not, this was an appropriate joke.

And then my husband steps in, after the discussion starts to take a turn for the worse, and smiles.  He confidently says, “I think Santa can handle it.”

Wishing you much laughter, this holiday season… and not taking things too personally…

In wild blossom spirit,



PS I highly recommend Rise of the Guardians.  It’s a beautiful film!!


2 responses to “Will Santa think it’s funny?”

  1. Thanks so much, Karen. Let me know when you’re back on the coast! xo


  2. Love this story. Hope you are well. Hugs


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