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short and sweet  

1. Think of someone in your life…
  • who’s made a difference in your life
  • you want to reconnect with
  • you want to forgive from the past
  • you want to tell them the truth about something
  • tell them you’re thinking of them
  • who comes to mind, for any reason, from a place of LOVE
2. Get a piece of paper, or …
  • an old card and make it new
  • make a card by drawing, or collage, or doodle something with colour (a heart, a star, a jellyfish)
  • a card from your stash
  • buy some tiny heart notes, or blank cards, to have on hand 
3. Imagine that person, for a moment, and start your love letter with…
  • “Dear ____________________________, “
4. Start with the first line. Tell them why you’re writing to them… 
  • “I was thinking about you today and wanted to send you a note to tell you that.” 
  • “I thought of you today when I looked at _________________________ and wanted to let you know that I forgive you for _______________________________” 
  • “I saw you today and wanted to say that I’m sorry for __________________________________”
  • “You are someone really special in my life. You (tell them why) ____________________________________”
5. Write 1 -3 more lines.

(Let it flow. Don’t edit, or correct anything, as you write.)

  • What is really special about them, like “you make me feel really ________________ because _________”
  • What they’ve done for you
  • Why you want to write to tell them that you’re thinking about them
  • Encourage them
  • Characteristics they exude
  • How they brighten your day
  • Why you admire them
  • What makes them special to you
6. Sign your love letter, with feeling…
  • “Love from,”
  • “Wishing you lots of love,”
  • “With love,”
  • “love,”
  • “All the best,”
  • “Best wishes,”
  • create your own ♥
7. Send your love letter

(depending on where they live and how you want to deliver it)

  • Put it into an envelope and go to the post office ASAP to get it sent! DON’T DELAY!
  • Leave it on the person’s car (under windshield wipers)
  • Leave it on their desk at work
  • Put it on their pillow
  • Leave it on the doorstep, with a stone on top
  • Put it on their bike (make sure it’s secure and won’t blow away)
8. Feel the love from sending your love letter the best! ♥
  • smile
  • feel the goodness
  • be proud that you followed through
  • enjoy the ripple effect of loving action
  • take a moment to feel the good feels
  • make sure you have a stash of cards for next time!

In wild blossom spirit,

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