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January 16, 2011

Bowl #3 – honouring our Grandmothers

The joy, commitment, and love of a grandma…  

In memory of Nanny…

My grandma, who we called Nanny, was a tough, hard-working, dedicated woman.  I cut through her hard exterior and shared a deep, loving relationship with her.  She’d watch “Little Rascals” with me on an occasional Saturday morning and we’d have laugh attacks together.  She’d let me help her make buns.  She’d come into my room to have a chat every once in a while, especially when she sensed something on my mind.

She looked after my sister and I when she’d come to visit and paid attention to every detail: prepared lunches, laundry ready and folded, fresh-baked bread, buns, baking.  Thoughtful and dedicated, she was up at the crack of dawn punching down bread dough, sleeves rolled up and the tissue still tucked into the cuff of her rolled up sleeve.   She would transform our yard and leave the house sparkling with fresh baking in the pantry and a stock of food in the freezer.

This third bowl honours the grandmothers and great-grandmothers in our world.  Those wise women, of all types, whose love and dedication to grandchildren creates a powerful bond and gives us roots… to fly.

In memory of Nanny and in honour of my Grandma, who is a great-Grandma to my children.

“Children need roots and wings.”  Chinese Proverb



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