Windswept on the prairies.

I’m a teacher – a learner – a listener, who especially enjoys inspiring adolescents in the impulsive, expressive, vulnerable stage of life. I want to infuse a personal touch into a massive school system, smile on a busy street corner, or give a generous hug to a friend.

I’m a playful, expressive, advocate and lover of the arts.  I express myself in journals, in quotes, in stories for children.  I love the combination of graphics and art – a simplistic, whimsical style in cards.

My yoga classes are inspired by many teachers to whom I am forever grateful: Gloria Latham, Eoin Finn, Sarah Cutfield, Cameron Gilley, Shiva Rea, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Maria Filippone, and Natalie Rousseau. These teachers have challenged me in some profound way(s).  I will always be learning on this journey.

Bursting assumptions, living beyond our labels, thinking outside the box, healthy rebels, creative expression, challenging the norm, ‘off the grid’ – all feed me.

Sunshine and night-time.  Solitude and crazy crowds.  Yoga and full costumed tap dance.  Theatre in London and camping on Hornby Island.  Masculine/feminine.

Be the light in your world. Dance. Play. Send cards. Be honest. Love.

in wild blossom spirit,

gillian berry

2 thoughts on “ABOUT & CONTACT

  1. *LOVE* *LOVE* *LOVE*
    Your blog is inspiring, heart opening, real, lovely, beautiful, brilliantly you. Your words fill me, and remind me of how much my heart misses you and our time together. Keep writing and creating, you have such a gift. Thank you for being so candid, so refreshingly real.
    You have also inspired me to continue with my resolution 😉 Where does the time go….
    You are a dear friend that is cherished. Thank you for being you and doing all that you do. Keep shining beautiful goddess.


    1. thank you for this heartfelt note. Ditto, my dear friend… xo


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