I’m a teacher, a learner, and a listener who loves inspiring adolescents in their impulsive, expressive, vulnerable stage of life. I’ve learned, over the years, that active listening is magic.

I want to infuse a personal touch into a massive school system, smile on a street corner, and give hugs (sorry to the non-huggers!) The world needs more kindness and positivity.

I’m an advocate and lover of the arts. Human expression makes me happy – making the mundane special.

I’m a letter artist, with a simple, whimsical style in cards. My creative go-to is journal writing: collecting life moments, feelings, and stories. Quotes have always been a lighthouse, in my life.

I’ve practiced yoga since 2001 and completed my teacher training with Semperviva in July, 2015. I’m forever learning. My yoga classes are inspired by: Gloria Latham, Eoin Finn, Sarah Cutfield, Maria Filippone, and many more to whom I’m so grateful.

Contrast fascinates me. Solitude and large crowds. The inner journey of yoga to full costumed performance-based tap dance.  Theatre in London to camping on Hornby Island.  Masculine and feminine. Sunshine and the darkness of night.

One of my most impactful life quotes: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Chinese proverb

Let’s sprinkle in a little courage, to the above. Here is my re-write: Courageous, little steps, one day at a time.

I’m grateful to live, work, and play, as a settler, on the unceded territory of the Qu’wut’sun people, in Showe’luqun.

in wild blossom spirit,

gillian berry

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