re-post – “What’s in a name?”

What’s in a name?

I listened to my Dad telling my Grandpa a story over the Christmas holidays.  He convinced his hairdresser, Barb, to charge more for her services, in her small town.  With hesitation she finally did and was now driving  her dream car, able to renovate her house, take a holiday, and was very happy.  My Grandpa, at 92, says, “Yeah, Reg.  She needed to get out of that small town mentality that so many people have.”Yes!  “Small town mentality”… So easy to convince ourselves in mind, body and spirit.   Oh, so constricting.   Binding our beautiful spirits that crave freedom and expansion.

wild blossom studios…  A need for me to dig deep and grow this ‘small town mentality’ quest.  I’m craving freedom and deep, purposeful, expansive work.

It’s about being authentic and wildly passionate.  No holding back.  My freedom loving spirit whispers joyful sweet nothings in my ear, wild = free.  Where do you feel wild and free?   I love the dance floor (the living room will do most days), my children, and an abundant colourfully-filled studio with lots to play with.

blossom = growth, expansion   Oh, so much more love for the human spirit in this name.  A combination of freedom and room to expand.  Now it’s time to live my chosen company name… wild blossom studios.   Honour the expansive spirit, express yourself, in truth and love (bless, Madonna).  Here’s to honouring that truth, that freedom, that passion, that wild blossoming, that playful creative in all of us.


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