tree of love

tree of love postcard

A colourful 4 by 6 inch postcard, printed with love, on premium card stock. White envelope included.


tiny heart notes

Tiny heart notes are perfect for wrapping around a gift, bottle of wine, or bouquet of flowers. They have room for a tiny heartfelt message, full of big love!
My family, and I, use tiny heart notes for the New Year to write “how we want to feel” on the back of the card. My boys have used words such as strong, kind, powerful, and friendly. We hang the heart notes on a tree, or put them in a special bowl on the table, to honour the New Year.
You can do this any time of the year – make it a monthly practice!

This practice is inspired by Danielle Laporte’s work! Her Desire Map Planners are my favourite!

tiny heart notes

A heartfelt note, with ribbon and blank underside for your message. Individually hand made, measuring 6cm by 6cm Perfect for a wrapped gift, gift bag, or bottle of wine!


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