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My family has a tradition of writing ‘how we want to feel,‘ inspired by Danielle Laporte, for the New Year on tiny heart notes. We hang them on the tree, or put them in a bowl on the table, as we move into the New Year. The reflection and dreaming is powerful. My sons have written something as simple as “I want to feel happy” which ignites the conversation to explore what things he can do to feel happy.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Enjoy the 7 days of tiny heart note wisdom!

The links below highlight more products from Danielle Laporte that take you deep into reflection and a soulful way of living. I use the daily planner and love it!!

In wild blossom spirit,


tree of love
an all occasion, any time of year card… full of love.
  • 4 by 6 inch greeting card
  • printed on premium card stock, with envelope
  • blank inside
  • $3.50 each or package of 10 – $25

tree of love greeting card



tree of love greeting card pack

package of 10 cards


Tiny Heart Notes

  • The perfect little heartfelt note, with ribbon and a blank underside for your message
  • Individually made, measuring 6cm by 6cm
  • Colourful, (sometimes sparkly) little hearts
  • Great for tying around a wrapped gift, gift bag, or a bottle of wine
  • My family writes on ‘Tiny Heart Notes’ each New Year to reflect on “how we want to feel” for the coming year, then hangs them on the tree.
  • “Purse packs” of 8 – $15. Great for a card on the go!
  • Orders 9 and under – $2 each. Orders 10 and above – $1.50 per heart note.

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