expansion… and roots

Jan 4, 2011…  the process…  I haven’t yet clarified ‘my word’, ‘my words’, ‘my new year’s resolutions’.  I feel some pressure having read a number of blogs and newsletters to have it ‘done’ already and set into place for the New Year.   It’s not coming for me and I don’t want to have to find my New Year’s resolution a particular way. I’m not sure where to start after reading so many ways of ‘doing it’.  So, I let go of it all, altogether…

And then,… VOILA!  

I’ve let go, taken a breath, allowed my OWN heart to open, to listen, and there it is. It comes to me in a powerful visual, with a few words around it.  Just how I love it.  And, what’s even more cosmically perfect is the contrast of my words, my theme.  Oh, how I love contrast… the spice of life.

EXPANSION and ROOTS…  the words appear around my image.

A beautiful tree with branches stretching upward, kissed with dew, glistening in the sunshine.  It’s tall… It’s proud… It’s beautiful.  The roots aren’t visually seen, in my mind, but I know they’re there.  I know they are the reason for this tree’s great beauty and strength.

expansion = growth, creative freedom, flow, moving outward, little steps, unrestricted love, stretching physically, mentally, spiritually, monetarily, taking risks, beauty, glistening, glowing, learning, spacious, confident, wild, tall, CHEST OPEN, shoulders back, take that leap, ask for help, COURAGE, get out there and glisten.

roots =  firm, grounded, inward, wise, FOLLOWING THROUGH, committed, trustworthy, strong, deep, full, heart centre, purposeful, centred, quiet, peaceful, slow, rested, focused, present, accepting, loving, true, find that inner wisdom and LISTEN.

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.”

– Simone Weil, French philosopher

Happy New Year …  to prosperity, growth, trust, and deep rooted love…


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