create your own beauty


My inbox is jam-packed, FULL.

I’m inundated with emails, from subscriptions I signed up for:

insightful, helpful, inspiring ones.

But, I feel lost under the piles of advice harping at me.  It’s so ironic that the basic message is, “be yourself.”  But I just continue to listen to the messages and not actually listen to, and ‘be myself’.

I’m like a hoarding addict signing up for:

freebie videos

conference calls

skype calls


I look forward to listening to the calls and reading the emails.   In my ‘quiet time’ I clean up the kitchen, or put away laundry, and plug-in… to someone else.

Incredible mentors they are – mostly women.

But, nonetheless, I’m not listening to my own still, quiet heart.

It’s all coming IN and it’s really tough to delete ‘because it’s really good stuff.’

I was out for coffee the other day with two friends, both pregnant.  I could feel the sense of panic wave over one of them, when she talked about all of the books she is currently reading.  I said, “Keep one, or two books, that resonate with you.  Listen to your own body.”  It was unheeded advice.

In this information age, it’s time for me to put some of the information down and find myself under all of the virtual papers.

It’s causing me to feel more comparison, judgment, and criticism within myself.

I found the words, “Create your own beauty,” in one of my journals I thumbed through tonight.  It resonated.

Create your own beauty…

in whatever you’re doing.

Whether you’re pregnant, a mother, in a relationship, or individually –  create your own beauty in the way you go about your daily life.

I commit to pairing down to one, or two, email subscriptions this month.

Care to join me?

In wild blossom spirit,Image



5 responses to “create your own beauty”

  1. Amen 😉 Very well said, dear friend… When are you coming to SoCal?!?!!? I could use a coffee date or two with you 😉 xoxo


  2. Very true! “be your your guide’ has been resonating with me lately.


    1. “be your own guide”… powerful.


  3. Inspiring post!

    – KW


    1. Thanks! I just had a look at your blog and love it!


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