“Nothing is as it seems.”

My good friend, Mariette West, said this to me over coffee many years ago, during one of our deep conversations (our favourite kind).

I love deep chats.

She does too.

Neither of us enjoy small talk, for very long.

It’s a routine we have when we get together: ceremonial-like. We start by checking in, “How are you? How’s your family?” We get through the small talk, half listening to each other, longing for the deep dive. One of us manages to make the move, throwing a deeper question into the conversation, pushing the other one in.

Into the depths we go…

In this particular chat, she told me about the people in her Life Coaching program, with Martha Beck. She was passionate and excited about all of her learning. She noted how people may look like they have it “all together” but behind the scenes they’re dealing with stuff you’d never know.

She said, “Nothing is as it seems.”

Woah. It hit me in that moment and where I was in my life. (You know when sometimes things stick right then?)

The big burly tattoed gruff looking man who cries during the movie. The bright pink flower that blooms out of a mound of steaming compost. The scrawny kid in your class who throws a baseball faster than anyone. The examples are endless.

People surprise us. Our assumptions are challenged. Breaking stereotypes one person at a time.

And then … The Oracle, from The Matrix. My favourite character. She bursts all assumptions. I expected her to wear a sparkly dress and cape. Maybe she’d have a crystal ball or a glowing wand? Nope!

Surprise! She wears an apron over a regular dress baking cookies in a modest kitchen. She’s wise, intuitive, and powerful in a humble abode. Now THAT is powerful! (If you haven’t watched the movie – do it!)

Nothing is as it seems. MAGIC.

In wild blossom spirit,

Gillian xo

PS. Check out Mariette West . She is an amazing life coach! xo

PSS. Here is the scene in the Matrix.


2 responses to ““Nothing is as it seems.””

  1. Now you have me hooked. thinking deeply. Conversations, deep conversations, feed the spirit. For me too. I loved the clip from the Matrix. Now I so want to see it. A brilliant illustration of how we can never know another, until we take time to ‘get to know them’.. May sit and watch Matrix, this afternoon. Xxx00

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    1. Thank you so much for your reflections, Mum! Cheers to deep conversations and getting to know one another. xoxo


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