Creative Muse

It’s hard for her to catch my attention,
from the fingerprint smeared screen.
reel after reel.

A pen lies on the table.
She hopes I’ll notice,
and jot down the idea swirling in my mind.

I notice the dirty dishes piled up in the sink,
and on the counter.
I start to load the dishwasher.
The creative thought pops back in.

My screen lights up with the latest YouTube video.
I touch it,
and watch as the phone sits
leaning on the windowsill
above the dishwasher, as I unload it.

Light streams in through the kitchen window.
It’s beautiful.
Perfect light for a poetic pause.

My muse is hopeful.

I grab my phone to take a photo,
and open notes to jot down a few words
in the magical light.
That idea about to take shape.

A friend messages and I notice.
I respond.

“So close!” she thinks.
Maybe tonight.

The dog makes a faint sound,
while stretching.
The sound reminds me of the present moment.
The idea – faint - barely tethered,
there in my mind.

She’s waving her hands at me.

I wake up, remembering my vivid dream.
The creative idea still swirling close by,
only just.

I reach for my phone,
on the bedside table to make note.
Instagram notifications alight.
I can’t resist.

She sighs.
Feels defeated.

The creative idea spinning
above me,
rising into the ethos.

She will try again.

She always does.

trying to get my attention.

Does your muse beckon?

In wild blossom spirit,


be you. express yourself.


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