Happiness is a choice and a _____

Happiness is a choice and a skill.


On a sticky note, in my Mom’s faded handwriting, at the top of the fridge is this life gem.

It’s supported by a gold magnet, at the top corner, to ensure the stick doesn’t let go and find itself disappear behind the counter.

My Mom looks at it every day.

Her good friend, Barb McGregor, mentioned this life mantra years ago, and it stuck with her.

There’s so much power in this unassuming note.

I love how she underlined choice and and, on the faded yellow paper. I understand. It took her some time explaining that to me.

She’s right.

Happiness really is a choice, in every moment of every day.

And, it is a skill. It takes practice.

Happiness takes practice.

We’ve all heard the sayings, “choose to be happy” and “choose happiness.”

We also have to practice that choice. It doesn’t just happen. This is the practice, like any skill we work at again and again.

Happiness is a choice and a skill.

Thank you, Mom!

Happiness! Let’s keep choosing and practicing.

Are you in?

Wishing you much happiness each and every day.

Choose it! Practice it!

In wild blossom spirit,

gillian berry xox

PS: This quote inspired me to make a new card. If you’re interested, look for it in my card shop. Coming soon!


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