a shyness adventure

I’m continuing this “shyness adventure”… an oxymoron.

I live the oxymoron.


Along with shyness (which I’m truly ready to shed completely) I’m an adventurous spirit.
And, I’m so grateful that adventure usually trumps shyness.

Adventure, and the lure of it, pushes me into getting over it.

An example: I signed up for Gail Larsen’s Transformational Speaking workshop – May 2011, three months previous. I didn’t think about what it entailed (public speaking).

Gail was so welcoming, gracious, and convincing that it sounded perfect for me. My adventurous spirit took over. I was enthusiastic about meeting Gail and a group of dynamic people. I envisioned an intimate experience, insightful and reflective learning and an adventurous weekend in Vancouver.

As the date drew nearer, the presence of shyness (fear, really) reared its head and loomed close to my heart. I had to laugh out loud, at one point, as I described the workshop to my friend. I’m going to a public speaking workshop!!
Pangs of severe nervousness pulsated through my body…

What am I doing?!! Have I fallen off the deep end?!! Am I crazy?!!


It’s like Gail describes … our sparks of madness. (She is incredible)

This is precisely what I needed to do to get over this parasitic shyness.

And, often the steps are smaller than this to get over shyness, don’t get me wrong. I’ve taken many small ones.

But don’t underestimate the “big ass shyness kickers”… workshops, retreats, weekends away (ideally referred by people you admire and who inspire)… I highly recommend them. They give you a lot of momentum… And, you need the adventure momentum to continue to trump the shyness momentum. You know what I mean?!

And how did shyness rear its ugly head before Gail’s workshop?

Lots of thoughts of getting up in front of people and having nothing to say. What did I have to offer that anyone would be remotely interested in listening to? Comparing, contrasting, beating myself up to a pulp… I’m sure you know the stories… unfortunately.

And, I attended Gail’s workshop, sweating and all …

Adventure lured me.

Did I sweat so much that I soaked my armpits and had to re-apply deoderant?

Oh yeah.  And, I’d strategically wear a shirt that was loose in the armpits or wear a light cardigan.

Did I feel agitated and terrified when I had to introduce myself that first day in front of everyone, with a mic, standing up?

Absolutely. Almost pass out nervous…

And, at the workshop, there were brief moments when I leapt out of shyness. It was empowering and beautiful.  And, I saw it in others.  Incredible.

I really love it there.


I’d LOVE if you would share a shyness adventure.

When do you leap into adventure and shed your shy skin?

In wild blossom spirit,        


ps.  Gail’s workshop is life changing.  It’s so much more than public speaking… must be why she calls it transformational speaking!

© Gillian Berry and wild blossom studios, 2010 – 2011.


2 responses to “a shyness adventure”

  1. You were a gift in Gail’s course. I relate to your calling to blossom somewhere between shyness and adventure. Your adventure touched me deeply and I’m looking forward to exploring that more with you. You totally inspired me in the work that I’m doing.


    1. ditto, Pema…
      and, looking forward to further adventures… xo


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